Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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Michael Buble: Crazy Love Review

Michael Buble. I don’t think I know one person, male or female, who wouldn’t throw their knickers at him as soon as he starts to sing. Oh, the handsome devil! And although, presumably, constantly covered in under crackers, he still manages to lull us in to a stupor with his milky smooth jazz voice.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally original take on classic jazz songs, as well as two brand spanking new tracks, Buble will not let you down with 'Crazy Love'.

‘Crazy Love’, which includes his hit single ‘Haven’t met you yet’, co-written by the smooth-operator himself, is a slightly more pop-happy version of his usual albums. Although, admittedly (and, trust me, this is hard to say), one may tire of the amount of covers on the album, overall the album is all that can be expected: happily generic and generally easy to listen to. Although he seems to be going down more of a pop route, Buble still remains ever the jazz enthusiast with songs such as ‘Heartache tonight’ and ‘Baby’, which portrays his impressively pitch perfect voice throughout. ‘Heartache tonight’ proves to the listener that Buble can stretch those vocal cords around more upbeat songs, and, whatever type of music genre you like, you have to admit his voice is as powerful as ever.  

The title track, ‘Crazy Love’ is a cover of the Northern Irish musician Van Morrison’s 1970's song. However, it appears not to pack the punch as much as other generic love songs on his album. For instance, the first single off the album, ‘Haven’t met you yet’, manages to retain its jazz elements; the strong piano and wind instrumental nearing the end being two main examples, withholds his perfect voice in an original form, which is refreshing to hear.

Buble, who first appeared to the world as a slightly chubby, though ever so talented cuter-version-of –Frank- Sinatra, should be proud of his fourth album. The album includes two original tracks and his powerful, always original take on 11 tracks from different eras. But, having sold over 22 million CDs worldwide and his previous CD, the Grammy winning "Call Me Irresponsible" (2007) was a number one album in over 15 countries, he must be doing something right.

He has also included two bonus tracks, including cover ‘Some kind of Wonderful’ and ‘Whatever it takes’. On the back of the CD he (or his, admittedly, incredibly good advertiser), says ‘I loved these (bonus tracks) so much that I sneaked them on to the CD as a little bonus for you!’. Well, well! You can give me your little bonus anytime, Buble! Shame that his irritatingly good looking fiancée (who appears in his video for ‘Haven’t met you yet’) is difficult to match up with. So then, overall the album is an impressive portrayal of Buble’s flawless jazz voice, however lacking a sense of versatility throughout, concluding in an album which mixes original takes on classic songs with a dynamic cut of pop with his two new songs.

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