Friday, 21 June 2013

French Woman Impersonates Daughter In Exam - EH?!

I've just read the news that a 52 year old french woman impersonated her daughter in an exam today.

My mum is 52. And trust me, although she is fantastic and beautiful, if she sat down in an exam hall  I think there would be a whole load of 'say whats' going down.

There are so many questions: 

When did they both sit down and say 'Y'know what would be a really, faultlessly good idea...?'

How did this woman even attempt to try and look like her daughter? Britney Spears-esque pony tails? Lolly pop? I love Justin Beiber T-shirt?

What kind of woman tries to be so young that it unnerves the world and forces people to want to call the police?

Too many questions, not enough sensible answers.

Zut alors!

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